International Solidarity of Workers: Two Views: The Delusions of Internationalism; Economic Inequality Between Nations and International Solidarity


  • Arghiri Emmanuel
  • Charles Bettelheim



Marxism, Political Economy, Labor


In its issue of November 11, 1969, the Paris newspaper Le Monde published two articles on the subject of international working-class solidarity. The first, arguing against the existence of such solidarity between the working classes of rich and poor countries, was by Arghiri Emmanuel, whose book L'Echange in/gale (Maspero, 1968) has created much interest and debate among European and Third World economists and will be published in English translation by Monthly Review Press. The second, arguing the opposite thesis, was by Professor Charles Bettelheim of the Sorbonne, who is a frequent contributor to MR. Seeking permission from the authors to publish this exchange of views in MR, we learned that both manuscripts submitted to Le Monde had been cut in the editing process. We therefore asked for and received the uncut original manuscripts which are here published for the first time. The translation is by Brian Pearce. —The Editors.

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