The Triple Revolution: Some Questions and Answers

  • Todd Gitlin
Keywords: Imperialism, Political Economy, Movements, Inequality


In the November issue of MR we published an editorial on "The Triple Revolution" and an article "Beyond Automation" by George and Louise Crowley. Offprints of these two pieces were sent to the members of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution, inviting comment; and in the editorial this invitation was extended to all MR readers. The first of the earliest replies received is presented below. We remind readers that the deadline for copy to be included in any given issue is the first of the preceding month. Each month's selection must be determined in part by space considerations, so the fact that a contribution sent in before the deadline does not appear in the next issue does not mean that it may not be published later. Contributors to the discussion who wish to be identified should include a sentence or two of biographical information. —The Editors