Eatherly and Huie: A Communication

  • Sid Ross
Keywords: Imperialism


My attention has been called to the article in your June 1964 issue: "Debunking the Debunker" by Gunther Anders. I do not wish to comment on Mr. Anders' exposition on the Huie book, The Hiroshima Pilot, but as an interested party, so to speak, I can add other details and opinions. Since I did the major part of the first-hand research that went into the Parade magazine article ("The Man Who Kiilled 100,000 People") published in May of 1962, I can unequivocally say that many of the "facts" adduced by Mr. Huie are in direct contradiction to those I ascertained from Claude Eatherly's family, doctors who treated him, former crew members, and other authoritative sources.