A Note on John Foster Dulles


  • - The Editors




History, Imperialism


Readers with long memories may recall that in our Review of the Month for June, 1959, discussing the retirement of John Foster Dulles, we referred to "a scheme of the early 1920s, of which Dulles was the principal author, to carve up Russia into a number of protectorates of the Western imperialist powers." Several people wrote asking for further particulars which we were unable to provide from the clippings which we had used as our source of information. Consultation of the standard sources—notably William A. Williams' authoritative work on American-Russian Relations—failed to produce any corroboration, and in the Notes from the Editors for October we retracted the statement, at the same time inviting any readers to send us any relevant information they might have. We have received a number of responses to this invitation. They all point to the same conclusion, namely, that the ultimate source of the idea that Dulles had authored a post-World War I imperialist scheme for Russia was to be found in certain passages in the Congressional Record for 1919, especially Volume 57, pages 1341-1344 and 1654-1661; and Volume 58, pages 1468-1474.