The Daggett-Sweezy Case

  • Leo Huberman
Keywords: Education, Media


What follows is intended as a recital of facts and nothing more. We are advised by counsel that we should refrain at this time from expressing any opinion on the issues raised, the reason being that in form the case is one of contempt of court and involves one of us as a principal. We regret, of course, our inability to comment freely on the case, but we are confident that MR readers, given the facts, will have no difficulty in comprehending the issues. For this reason we have no hesitation in asking your support, both moral and financial, for what may turn out to be a protracted legal contest. We need hardly remind you that, in addition to legal fees, there are many other expenses involved in a case of this kind—costs of printing the various court records, research, travel, telephone, and so on. Just a year ago, Leo Huberman was called before the McCarthy Committee in connection with its investigation of the government's overseas libraries. We elected to fight the Committee then and opened what we called an "Anti-inquisition Fund" to help defray the legal and other costs. Your response was excellent. We are now reopening the fund and ask that you contribute to the limit of your ability. We pledge that the money will be well spent. -THE EDITORS