Note to Institutional Subscribers


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Monthly Review Archives website. You can read about the various new features in this announcement message.

There is one important new feature that we would like to bring to your immediate attention: domain recognition. With domain recognition, you now have the option to use your institution's domin name instead of a set of IP address ranges to access our content. For example, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus, uses the domain When we enter this domain into our system, all users who visit our site from the Urbana-Champaign campus will have immediate access to all locked content in the Monthly Review Archives. The use of domain recognition also allows immediate access to VPN (Virtual Private Network) users. In other words, we now fully support off-campus access to users associated with an institution subscribing to Monthly Review.

This simpler, more efficient form of access is now available for any institution with a Web domain name. To activate domain service on your account, please send us a message using this form and make sure to select "Monthly Review Archives inquiry" from the dropdown list.

Please keep in mind that we still fully support the IP recognition method and we have no plans to phase this method out in the future. If your institution requires a broad range of IP addresses we would prefer to use domain recognition but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Kind regards,

Monthly Review Subscriptions
Susie Day