This site contains select correspondence between Paul A. Baran and Paul M. Sweezy. To view the complete archive, click ARCHIVES in the menu bar.

The Baran-Sweezy Memorial Award


The recently established Baran-Sweezy Memorial Award is intended to promote the publication of books on the political economy of imperialism. For more information, click here.

Editor's Notes on the Baran-Sweezy Letters by Nicholas Baran


Welcome to the Baran-Sweezy Archive. Before beginning, please read the following notes, which will be updated periodically to reflect corrections and clarifications to the letters (click on the "More" button below). To access the complete archive, click on the ARCHIVES option in the menu bar. To read my article on the letters project in the March 2014 issue of MR, click here. Note that there are occasional question marks in square brackets in the text of the letters, which indicate that I could not identify the name or subject referred to. Readers are welcome to contact nbaran[at], if they have an answer!

Vol. 1, No. 1: February 1949

The first years of correspondence contain mainly letters from Sweezy. Most of PAB's letter's from this period are missing. Letters include discussions about socialism, politics in those years, particularly relating to the Soviet Union and its refusal to allow PAB to visit his mother.

Published: 1949-02-01

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